VSXtra Runtime v0.3.0.17 (alpha)

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Released: Aug 7, 2008
Updated: Aug 7, 2008 by INovak
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Release Notes

This release of VSXtra runtime contains the following new features:
  • VsIde class representing the DTE2 object (the root of the VSX object model). This class contains only a few methods and properties, including the DteInstance to access the DTE2 object from the package code without using the GetService method or even storing the instance.
  • VsIde contains "shortcuts" to execute Visual Studio commands:
        if ((bool)view.ShowDialog())
  • VsRegistry class to access the registry settings of the VS instance the package runs within:
        Console.WriteLine("*** Local registry root key: {0}", VsRegistry.LocalRegistryRoot);
        Console.WriteLine("*** List of recent projects:");
        foreach (var item in VsRegistry.RecentProjectsList.OrderBy(k => k.Key))
          Console.WriteLine("    {0}", item.Value);
  • RunningDocumentTable and RunningDocumentInfo classes to access the RDT, catch and handle RDT events:
    public override void OnToolWindowCreated()
      UIControl.SelectionTracker = SelectionTracker;
      RunningDocumentTable.OnAfterAttributeChange += OnAfterAttributeChange;
      // ...
    void OnAfterAttributeChange(object sender, RdtDocumentChangedEventArgs e)
      if (Options.OptAfterAttributeChange) LogEvent(e);
  • SolutionEvents class to subscribe to all the Visual Studio events related to solution and project hierarchy.
  • SelectionTracker class to support property window handling
    private void listView1_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
      if (_IgnoreSelectedObjectsChanges) return;
      var selectedObjects = new List<SelectionProperties>();
      // --- Collect objects for selectedObjects
      SelectionTracker.SelectObjects(selectedObjects, WindowsProperties);
  • EventHooker<> class to handle Advise and Unadvise methods and translate COM-like VS events to .NET event semantics
  • PackageBase now supports command handler methods and command actions
// ...
  public sealed class ShowMessagePackage : PackageBase
    [CommandId(GuidList.guidShowMessageCmdSetString, CmdIDs.cmdidDisplayMyMessage)]
    [ShowMessageAction("Hello, World from ShowMessagePackage")]
    private static void DisplayMessage()
  • Subtle bug fixes and features
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